What is NPCord?

NPCord is an innovative tool that connects the Non-Player Characters (NPCs) in your Minecraft game server to your Discord server. This integration allows you to interact with NPCs in a more dynamic and immersive way, creating a digital twin of the NPC in your Discord server.

Why is it Important?

NPCord enhances the gaming experience by bridging the gap between your Minecraft game and Discord community. It allows for real-time communication and interaction with game events, making your NPCs feel more alive and responsive. This integration can foster a more engaged and interactive community, providing players with unique and memorable interactions.

How Does it Enhance Experience?

⚔️ NPCord tool provide a way to create an exciting experience to interact with your favourite NPC in your discord server

How Does it Work?

NPCord consists of two main components:

  1. NPCord Discord Bot: Added to your Discord server to facilitate communication between NPCs and players.
  2. NPCord Minecraft Server Plugin: Installed on your Minecraft server to monitor and record events, feeding this information to the Discord bot.